7 Mindset Changes to Make After College

The transition from college to the real world does not have to be a brutal shock.  In fact, you should find yourself gaining happiness and satisfaction from new and exciting tasks.  Here are some realizations that will help your transition into a full-time career be fulfilling and enjoyable.   

1. Time management becomes much more important.  When you’re working full-time, little things like getting a haircut and doing your laundry become harder to accomplish with your busy schedule.  You will have to start budgeting your time wisely to get everything done and still have time to relax.  Become efficient at the things you have to do so that you can spend more time doing the things you want to do.

2. It’s more about whom you know than what you know.
  Coming from an educational system where you are rewarded with grades for your performance on tests and papers, it may be a pleasant surprise to learn that your social skills are ultimately the most important thing you developed during college.  Embrace this.

3. Your first job does not dictate the rest of your life.  Even though your first job sets the cornerstone for your career, it does not set the rest of your life in stone, and you are not stuck on a 15-year path to becoming an “executive manager.”  Keep in mind that your options are always open and don’t worry if your first job out of college isn’t exactly perfect.  You will learn and eventually find the right place for yourself.

4. Building and maintaining relationships will bring tangible value to your life.  After you graduate, relationships become much more important because they will dictate your personal and financial success.  The people you meet may ultimately be your partners, customers or coworkers.  Your interactions with others are valuable opportunities; always remember this.

5. Learning is for your benefit. 
If you’ve picked the right career, learning should be fun and exciting for you.  You no longer have required classes or need to learn information that is not relevant to your life.  Embrace learning because it will only help you excel in your career.  Plus, it should be a lot easier because you are choosing what to learn about.
6. Satisfaction comes from personal accomplishment.  Regardless of whatever brought you happiness and satisfaction while you were in college, you will begin to realize that happiness comes from living a fulfilling life and establishing a strong sense of self-worth.  Your work will take on a new value when you can see the tangible effects and you are earning more than just a grade.

7. Your reputation is crucial.  College was a fun time for everybody, but now your reputation is more important than ever.  Keep in mind that your actions and words will live with you and have direct effects on your professional life. Be a good person.

These points should give you a head start on becoming acclimated to life after college and make the transition easier.  Don’t be upset; everyone has to take this path.  Adapt and embrace your new lifestyle and happiness will follow.

This is a guest post by Mario Schulzke, the creator of CareerSparx.

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Mario Schulzke is the creator of CareerSparx, an online course that helps recent college graduates begin their careers. For more information, download a free 61-page guide on how to start your career.

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