7 Job Hunting Tips for College Grads

Facing the world as a new graduate can be an extremely frustrating time. Recent figures show there has been a drastic decline in possible job opportunities for new graduates, and the resources obtained from college career services are limited.

The decisions to change the way the system works within university is a great start to enabling a more secure transition period when University students enter the wider world of work. However, as an individual you should still be looking at how you can promote yourself during this highly competitive time.  Here are seven tips for recent college graduates to help with the job hunt.

Remain active

Remaining active and constantly searching for a suitable position keeps you in the game.  Do not sit and wait for people to come to you, make sure you are active and approach people and places of interest.

Be confident
People can tell if you are fluking your way through an interview.  Ask yourself, ‘How can I appear passionate?’ What really sells you as a person?  If you can’t get an official job straight away then gain relevant work experience as it’s more valuable than browsing Facebook all day.

Build a portfolio of work
If you have the skills to do so, build a personal blog and show your work in screen shots. This is a must, if your degree is design-based or if you are looking to enter the Marketing and/or PR industry. Employers now want to see hard evidence of ability and desire, way before they even interview you.

Network in all places possible. LinkedIn and Twitter are good places to be as you can speak to directors and professionals in the relevant areas of your career.

If you see a particular company that you want to work for, approach them in a creative way and follow their tweets. It is actually amazing how many people are seeking talented graduates through these channels.

This useful blog post- gives you tips on how to make the most of LinkedIn.

Pay attention to your attitude
Do you come across approachable? Do you have the positive attitude that most employers are looking for? If you slouch when you sit at a desk or snap when asked to do something then you kill your chances of landing a gig.

Rehearsing an interview scenario can be a worthwhile activity. Bounce questions off a friend or family member and take note of your responsive reactions.

Don’t be afraid to get help
Make sure you contact your local career advisor as they are available to help and guide you through the process of searching for the right job. They have a wide area of experience of working with graduates and sourcing potential employers.

Get out and meet people, join in with graduate workshops and achieve a list of contacts and mentors that can point you in the right direction.

Brush up on your own knowledge
Make sure you research and keep up to date with the local news as you never know what may be thrown at you. Be ready for direct questions such as ‘how would you market yourself in six words?’ Believe me these questions come up time and time again. If you are not prepared they can throw you off guard.

Don’t throw away your university course work. It is unbelievable how much knowledge you actually forget. Read over your old notes and refresh your memory.

This is a guest post by Helen Graham, a career advisor, offering practical advice to help you apply for the right jobs.

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