The Early Bird Gets Promoted

bird.jpgYour morning commute is packed with many variables, most of which you can’t control.  What you do have power over is when you wake up and when you leave your house.  Giving yourself a healthy time cushion to arrive at the office early has many benefits.

You’ll Be More Relaxed: Rushing to get to work on time starts your day off on a stressful note. Being able to get organized in the morning, plan your day and prepare for tasks that lie ahead are elements that will make you feel better prepared, thus reducing stress.

Good Practice: Ever have that one friend who always shows up late? And every time they do, you get pissed off because it’s a clear disrespect for your time. You never want to be viewed as ‘that guy.’ Not by friends, family or an employer. Showing up early sends a message that you value other people’s time and it…

Shows You Care: Aside from being a good human being and an example for others, coming in to work early everyday will set a consistent tone, a quality upper management looks for in rising stars. It also…

Earns You Currency: Arriving early day-in and day-out should get you off the hook at a time when a real emergency arises. This will vary depending on your boss/employer.

Keep Them On Their Toes: You’re already sitting at your desk working hard as your colleagues arrive. That will leave them scratching their heads.  ‘Why is Andrew always here so early?’ ‘Is he that busy?’ ‘Does he have a life?’ It’s one thing to think these things, it’s another to say them aloud.  If they do, it…

Reveals People’s True Character: Inevitably, some of your co-workers will be so vexed by your ‘early bird gets the worm’ attitude, they’ll be unable to contain themselves. Eventually they will find a way to ‘combat’ your early-morning antics, usually with sarcastic comments. ‘Did you sleep here last night?’ ‘I don’t know about you but I don’t get paid overtime.’  People making these comments just did you a favor, they tipped their hand. If they’re worried about the hours you are working, it might be time to ask yourself why they care so much.

Showing up early to work should also…

Earn You Credit: We realize that the office doesn’t always operate in reality, but assuming yours does, it’s a simple case of logic. Come in early, get out on time.  And if anyone dares question why you are leaving when you are supposed to, you will have a decent argument when you point to your AM track record.

Bottom line:  Get in early, handle the calm before the storm and enjoy better concentration and less distractions as you set yourself up for the long day ahead.

As my sister’s wise piano teacher used to drill in her head, "Be there before you have to be there so you can be there on time."

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