SodaStream at the Office Gets a Sparkling Response

sodastreamSometimes I see things that make me sad I’m an adult.

It could be a new toy. Or perhaps an animated movie. Maybe a candy bar.

So when the SodaStream first hit store shelves, I was beside myself. It was a childhood dream come true: unlimited soda, any flavor, anytime. Almost too much for me to process.

With a relatively new baby at home and enough juvenile antics and gadgets to convince anyone I’m 13 (I’m in my 30s!), I knew bringing the SodaStream in through the front door was a no-no. And that’s when I had a light bulb moment.

Since the SodaStream does not require any electricity, I would not be violating company policy if I brought it into work with me.

And this is how I instantly became the hero of the week!

You have never seen grown adults so excited to partake in making their own soda. SodaStream has all of your typical soda flavors available, cola, lemon-lime, diet, etc. — but they have recently added some new flavors.

Sparkling iced tea? Check.
Fizzy lemonade?  Check.
Bubbling Kool-Aid?  Check.

This twist on several childhood classics were the flavors that stole the show.

Other things my coworkers enjoyed about the SodaStream:

- It helps the environment by using last plastic.  One bottle of flavor can make dozens of liters of soda; each SodaStream bottle is good for three years.

- Combining flavors is fun! The folks at Country Time have already gone through the trouble of creating an iced tea/lemonade mix, but it doesn’t have to end there.  Get creative and mix and match to customize your favorite blend.

- Many of the flavors avoid sugar and corn syrup – keeping the calorie count down.

The nice thing about SodaStream is that you can drink like a little kid (hello, cola) or a tired parent (helllloooo, Red Bull knock off) or be adult and create a Perrier clone.

Maybe it’s because its National Lemonade Day on August 20, 2013, but many of us have been on a lemonade kick. What better way to wind down the summer then with a classic or pink lemonade with fizz.

A coworker of mine who is a vegan and all around health nut brought on her own cucumber syrup, lemons and mint to make a “cleansing soda.”  Let’s just say quite a few people were away from their desks that afternoon.

If you’re wondering if the machine will bother your cubemates, fear not!  It’s virtually silent, only making a quiet click when you carbonate the water.  It’s also a streamlined machine, taking up very little desk space.  Each carbonator (CO2 tank) will produce around 60 liters of soda, so replacements are not needed often.

Whether you want to let your inner kid run free again…or get your kids to drink a healthier soda…the SodaStream is guaranteed to breathe some carbonated life into your world…especially at the dull office!

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