10 Most Stressful Jobs (And the 10 Least Stressful Jobs)

CareerCast.com has released a report identifying the most stressful jobs for 2010 based on 200 surveys that measured work environment, job competitiveness and risk.

Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs for 2010:

1.    Firefighter
2.    Corporate Executive
3.    Taxi Driver
4.    Surgeon
5.    Police Officer
6.    Commercial Pilot
7.    Highway Patrol
8.    Public Relations Officer
9.    Advertising Executive
10.   Real Estate Agent
The 10 Least Stressful Jobs for 2010:
1.    Musical Instrument Repairer             
2.    Medical Records Technician                
3.    Actuary                                  
4.    Forklift Operator                      
5.    Appliance Repairer                        
6.    Medical Secretary                           
7.    Librarian                               
8.    Bookkeeper
9.    Piano Tuner
10.   Janitor

The list looks pretty standard without any big surprises…except for real estate agent.  Aside from the competitive nature of the field and a crappy economy, I fail to see the stress and/or risk with the occupation. 

Whether you have one of the most stressful jobs or not, learn how to quit your job gracefully and not end up in need of stress treatment.

Also, I’m sure being a medical records technician is less stressful than attending medical billing schools and working with insurance forms all day!

Anything on the list you disagree with?

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